Monday, August 4, 2008

Goodbye July!

Well the July no buying challenge is over. I have to admit that I wasn't completely faithful. I bought a hand made yarn bowl for The Gadabout Knitter's Birthday, and some beautiful Handmaiden Sea Silk when a local store had a sale. Overall I feel like the month was a success for me and my family. I didn't find it especially hard to wait to wait to buy items that were not necessary. Some of the sales were a bit difficult to resist, as I like to buy things that I know I will eventually use while it is on sale. I didn't realize that July is considered the end of the summer season in most stores (we still have a few months of summer here), and lots of stores were having end of season sales. I have been most surprised that many of the things I have made a mental note to buy at the end of the month, have not been bought yet. I haven't bought much more than laundry detergent since the beginning of August. I won't say that I have been able to completely break with consumerism, but its a start.

As a last addition to our challenge, here are a few things you can stop buying;
  • Paper Towels - use cloth rags instead
  • Herbs - All you need to grow them is a sunny window
  • Cleaning Products - make your own instead, there are recipes online (my favorite all purpose cleaner is water and soap in a spray bottle)
  • Fabric Softener - Vinegar in the wash does the same job, but most fabric doesn't require softener at all
  • Plastic Sandwich Bags - reuse glass or plastic containers instead
  • Shaving Cream - out of date sunscreen does a great job

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The Gadabout Knitter said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous color of sea silk! It reminds me of Rumplestiltskin (or however you spell his name).

Glad you're feeling better! How does Wednesday night sound for a double-date to make up for Sunday? Is there a chance you may be available?