Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Christmas knitting is more or less finished. I still have to block my daughter's sweater, and my husband's scarf is still on the needles (but it wasn't promised for Christmas anyway), but I am pretty much finished. That feels nice. FINISHED.

I would stop and take a breath of fresh air, but a new project beckons. The Icarus shawl.

I have never made, bought, or worn a shawl before, nor have I had any desire to, that is until I met Icarus. I have already bought some beautiful Malabrigo Lace weight yarn for it, and I can hardly wait t cast on. I am, however, waiting. I will finish the scarf first, as well as several more rows of the socks I am working on. Casting on will be my reward.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Knitting

Okay, I know that I said I was only going to make two Christmas gifts this year. Well, I need to rephrase my plans. I am only going to knit two Christmas gifts that will be given on Christmas day. I might make a few others. Oh yeah, I might have also modified the projects as well.

Even though my mother has never shown any interest in anything hand knit before, this year she wants a scarf. So her scarf has been made and is packed. My daughter is also getting a sweater, which would be done by now, except that she needed a hat, and both she and her brother needed mittens for our trip to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. The mittens and hat were done on time, but, my husband went to the LYS with me to get the yarn for thheem, and found some (really beautiful hand-painted) yarn that he needed to have made into a scarf, or he might just die (at least he has goo taste in yarn).

Then there are the other hand made Christmas gifts....

So far the amount that needs to be done still seems very doable. The sweater is about 75% complete, machine sewing take no time, and my husband doesn't expect his scarf to be done on time. Only the accumulating amount of cooking is beginning to seem daunting.